Gyro Stabilized System
Blue Sky & Magic Air serve the market with gyro stabilized products.
What ever the format and platform, we will ensure the right tool.

We are leaders in aerial & stabilized filming with office in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo and Alesund, Norway.

35mm, RED EPIC 5K, HD, Arri Alexa, IMAX and even Stereoscopic 3D or 360 filming.

The Stab C is the only one in Scandinavia and we also work closely with Nettmans global network and Helicopter Film Services London.

Other system is:

Cineflex v14 HD
Polytech HD Rollcontroll

Contact: Peter Degerfeldt
Gyro Stabilized Systems
Gyro Stab C Compact
Gyro on boats
Stereoscopic 3D Aerial
Cineflex V14 HD
Gripen Aerial Display
A completely remote controlled tool for TV and film cameras. It runs on two wires or lines that are mounted on two towers and can speed more than 100 km/h. Wires can be up to 600 meters long, 200 meters if wires run above audience. The WireCam is CE-certified.
The WireCam weighs only 25 kg and is well suited to use at sports events and action filming for movies or TV commercials.
Can also take a gyro stabilized head.
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