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Gyro Stabilized System
Blue Sky serves the market with gyro stabilized products.
What ever the format and platform, we will ensure the right tool.

We are leaders in aerial & stabilized filming with office in Stockholm, Sweden,Oslo and Alesund, Norway and in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Inhouse GSS 520 5 axis stabilized system with RED EPIC DRAGON 6K and Angenieux DP 25-250mm lens.

Options: Arri Alexa, HD, IMAX and even Stereoscopic 3D or 360 filming and Multi Camera Array for Super Hi Resolution.

Gyro Stabilized Systems
GSS 520 5 axis Gyro
SCAI 3D WireCam
Drones - Octocopter
Air to Air High speed
Gyro Stab C Compact
Gyro on boats
Stereoscopic 3D Aerial
Cineflex V14 HD
Gripen Aerial Display
SCAI 3D Flight System.

Our ability to simultaneously fly both camera and performer opens up the field for amazing shots otherwise impossible without our system.

Using SCAI 3D saves time but also offers multiple shot options once everything is rigged -not to mention amazing tracking shots and camera angles with absolutely rock steady stabilization with our GSS 520 5 axis system.
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