Gyro Stabilized System
Blue Sky & Magic Air serve the market with gyro stabilized products.
What ever the format and platform, we will ensure the right tool.

We are leaders in aerial & stabilized filming with office in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo and Alesund, Norway.

RED EPIC DRAGON 6K, 35mm, Arri Alexa, HD, IMAX and even Stereoscopic 3D or 360 filming.

Other system is:

Cineflex v14 HD
Super G
Stab C
Cineflex Ultra

Octocopter - Cinedrones ( Ground controlled )

Contact: Peter Degerfeldt
Gyro Stabilized Systems
Shotover F1 - 6 axis Gyro
Gyro Stab C Compact
Gyro on boats
Octocopter - Cinedrones
Stereoscopic 3D Aerial
Cineflex V14 HD
Gripen Aerial Display
A completely remote controlled tool for TV and film cameras. It runs on two wires or lines that are mounted on two towers and can speed more than 100 km/h. Wires can be up to 600 meters long, 200 meters if wires run above audience. The WireCam is CE-certified.
The WireCam weighs only 25 kg and is well suited to use at sports events and action filming for movies or TV commercials.
Can also take a gyro stabilized head.
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