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Peter Degerfeldt  Aerial DP / Stunt Coordinator.


Since 1984 Peter Degerfeldt of Blue Sky has been filming action adventures, documentaries, commercials, features and Large Format Films, IMAX 70 mm and 3D films.


From the fast jets of various Airforces, to Mount Everest and Antartica, he has met every challenge with a film camera.


He has more than 4 000 skydives, many BASE jumps, hours of logged air time and a warehouse of specialized equipment.


His credits includes Oscar nominated feature-films, commercials, IMAX documentaries and world records at your service.


Started skydiving 1976. Still to this date, he deliberately leaves a perfectly good airplane.


Trained and used all gyro system, both civil and military.


Own unique GSS 520 6 axis gyro system with complete solutions for filming in any airspeed, on helicopters, cars, wires, boats etc.



Viveka Degerfeldt  Gyro technician/Head of Logistics.


Vicky takes care of the technical things with our GSS 520 gyro system.

From preparing to installation, changing cameras, lenses etc.

She also serves as the logistical manager which comes in handy, her previous jobs was in the air cargo business and the Chamber of Commerce.


Her technical skills comes from the fact she been handling all her motorcycles in mint condition since she was 16.

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