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With experience from two Mount Everest Expeditions, Peter have done numerous of speaches around "Team building" and minimizing "Risks".


The Swedish Mount Everest Expedition managed to scale the notorious, Japanese Super coloir to Hornbein on the nort face of Mount Everest. Throughout the climbing history, this is done by 9 climbers only, .


Another subject is the fantastic story about the Da Vinci parachute.


We built the da Vinci parachute according to the original text from Leonardo da Vinci 1485.


"If a man is provided with a length of gummed linen cloth, with a length of 12 yards on each side and 12 yards high, he can jump from any great height whatsoever without any injury." 



Most people asked why we even tried to see if the 500 year old parachute worked, considered the risks involved. 

The result? Well, it helped modern open heart surgery, and Salford scientist could make better and more effective heart valves.


All lectures includes films, stills presented in a Keynote from a portable computer.

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