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The SCAI 3D system can easily be used together with our GSS 520 head. 

we can cover a 200 by 200 meter area in all dimensions and speed up to 70 km/hour.


It opens up new dimensions for your creativity. Our ability to simultaneously fly both stabilized camera and performer opens up the field for amazing shots otherwise impossible without our system. 

By connecting our high speed winches to our software we control and program flight paths that can be altered, and then simulated, to provide desired results.


Using SCAI 3D can not only save time but also offers multiple shot options once everything is rigged – not to mention amazing tracking shots and camera angles.

All this without the need to change anything regarding our set-up.

Stunts (jumps, falls, drags, supernatural power etc.) can be perfected using the system and perhapts best of all- we can easily do the same scene over and over again until everyone is satisfied with the final result.

In co-operation with Stuntgruppen.

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