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We stabilize your creativity.

One system, many solutions, many platforms. Small dedicated team.


Blue Sky specialize in stabilized filming and aerials need both the best equipment and a skillful team to secure the job in a safe manner.


When your Production needs the best aerial filming solution, our GSS 520 Cinema Plus  gyro is the right choice. 

Absolutely rock steady on any lens and on any platform.

With proper planning, it's not that expesive as you might think.


Our GSS 520 Cinema Plus 5 axis gyro system are lighter, smaller, integrate more payload configurations, rigs faster, are pre-balanced. Have increased ground clearance, are more robust due to less complexity. Easier to ship as excess baggage.

Have an auto-calibrated horizon reference. Add the fact that our system is the only in the world that have been filming in unprecedented speeds over 300 knots!


The GSS 520 520 Cinema Plus  also have a unique feature to film straight down in 90 degress (Nadir) without going into gimbal lock as other system does. It can still pan left or right. ITAR free, means we can travel with it world wide with no restrictions like other systems have.


We can film for a feature film with our Red Weapon 8K and Optimo DP 25-250mm lens in the morning, over lunch, we can rig the same system on another platform, car, boat, wire etc with a Arri Mini LF or even a Arri 65 will fit in to the system


We can change to the Phantom Flex 4K 1000 frames per second for unique nature or commercial shot, or rig a broadcast camera for a live event operating it wireless. All in the same system. Always rock steady in speeds up to 400 knots.



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